EUROCON 2014 in Linz // 12.-14.9. 2014 | Download complete Eurocon-infos here


Eurocon is an annnual event for classic gaming fans from around Europe which has been running since 1999.
Previous events have been held in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and England.

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Jon Legg UK


Things that will happen:
Retro-Börse at 13.09.2014

with Gamestage EXPO

The Retro-Börse will take place in the "Lösehalle" on the area of the "Tabakfabrik"

On Sunday, 14.9. we will have a guided tour at the Ars Electronic Center.

There will be plenty of Arcade Machines and video game systems set up for free play for the whole weekend, along with the customary competitions that will be held to decide who's gonna take home the Eurocon Trophy.


12.-14.9. 2014
Tabakfabrik, Linz, Austria
Suggested hotel is the "ARCOTEL Nike Linz":

How to Join

Attend now and and apply here:
Costs: 45€ including entrance fee to Ars Electronica Center, a Eurocon 15th anniversary t-shirt (please let us know your size!), and a table at the Retro-Börse on Saturday (1.5m per table, additional tables can be purchased for 10€ each)


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